June 2007 Entry Systems added Dorma Automatics to provide a complete line of automatic door operators.  Dorma brings international name recognition.  Along with a quality sliding door and swinging door; Dorma provides a proven bi-folding door package and automatic revolving door.

April 2006 Entry Systems celebrates 30 years of business.  We thank our hundreds of loyal customers that have allowed our lengthy stay in the automatic door and gate market. 

September 2004 Entry Systems added Hunter Automatics, Inc. as an additional automatic door vendor.  Hunter offers a heavy-duty swing door operator in many models including overhead concealed and offset pivoted applications.

April 2003 Entry Systems added Tormax Technologies, Inc. as an automatic door vendor.  Though relatively new to the United States market, Tormax is known as one of the world's leaders in automatic door systems.  Founded in 1951 in Switzerland by the Landert Motoeren Group, Tormax offers a quality heavy-duty approach to automatic doors when many other manufacturers are trying to lighten and cheapen in order to sell based on price alone.